Bike Museum

We have one of the most extensive collection of bicycles and memorabilia in Western States region. You’re invited to stop in anytime to browse and enjoy. We also give free tours (please call us at least a week in advance for arrangements).

Displays include:

  • 1860s Bone Shaker Replica
  • 1885 Columbia-Expert Highwheeler
  • 1890s Side-by-Side Sociable Tandem Replica
  • 1930s Schwinn-New World
  • 1950s Meister German 3-Speed
  • 1885 Pederson Frame Bike Replica
  • 1894-1896 Mystery Bike
  • 1949 Shelby-Donald Duck Bike
  • 1968 Schwinn-Grey Ghost
  • Human Powered Bicycle Airplane
  • 1977 Guinness World Record 40′ Unicycle

Do you have an historical bicycle or related item? We’re always looking to expand our collection and we welcome loans. We’ll give you complete credit, of course, and promise to take good care of your item! Just contact us or stop in and tell us what you have.