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Bicycle Junction is an exhaustive account of a historical fiction ride through time (1880-2015) and the cycling prosopography of the Grand Valley’s culture featuring modern-day trail maps and other really cool stuff.

“…It was then, in the 1920s, that he realized the only way to get home was to pedal though 10 more epic rides in this small desert town.

But did he have the moxie to pull it off?”

Bicycle Junction by Chris Brown

“In 2015, I flew to Grand Junction, Colorado and spent a week training for a mountain bike race. The following is a scrapbook of notes and pictures about my experiences and adventures. In geologic time, a day is like a thousand years. In Grand Junction, a day is about 140.

I have generously included current locations, people, and references in (parenthesis) next to the names of old places and people so that grand connections could be made as you read the text and ride around the town.

Wheels down. Enjoy your ride.”

ISBN # 978-0-578-62688-8
Pages 314
Over 400 photographs, 30 Modern day local trail maps, Historical Fiction, Softbound cover.

Introducing One Bike, a Folk/Jazz Opera by Music Writer and Composer Scott Betts inspired by the book Bicycle Junction. Filmed by Cullen Purser of Fruita. Director and Choreographer Lana Rogal. Preformed Saturday, August 7, 2021 CMU Robinson Theater. Available now on DVD at the Mesa County Library. You can also view it here!














Reviews for Bicycle Junction

Ok. Now I’m done and crestfallen. Cause it’s over. Man! What a ride;-) I enjoyed every minute of it.
– Cullen Purser, Fruita, CO

My mom’s been reading your book and raving about it.
– James Ferriday, Fruita, CO

Hi Chris – I have been slowly savoring each & every sentence, thoroughly appreciating a great book, uniquely written perspective & fascinating historical depth, I keep learning even more. My reading of the legacy of the bicycle and people involved in our valley helps me feel grounded and gives me a sense of appreciation for the “book of stories” which you have marvelously collected & linked together in a unique approach to this narrative!
– Skip Hamilton, Fruita, CO

I sat down to read the book with a glass of wine and a small piece of steak…It was like eating a whole cow. I got half way through it and then I had a heart attack. (physically and figuratively). So, I guess I was dying to read the rest of it. In a way, I guess it was like an angioplasty to me. And while I was reading it, it made me want to go for a bike ride.
– Annabelle Anders, Local GJ Romance Novelist

Grand Junction Wheel Club on South 9th St.

Herman Vorbeck Jr., with Tony Ross

Then and now – pages from Bicycle Junction

Single Track Sisters Out For A Group Ride