Rental Room

Maybe you’re traveling to Western Colorado & need the BEST place to rent a bike, or maybe you’re thinking about trying out Mountain Biking and want a few test runs before you buy.

Whatever your needs, Brown Cycles has the perfect rental plan for you and your family!

  • All rentals come with tool kit, pump, spare tube, bottle cage, and the pedals of your choice.
  • Maps and guide books available.
  • Rental ‘Days’ are 24 hours from time of pick up.
  • Rental ‘Half Days’ are 12 hours from time of pick up.
  • Multi Day is a 3 or more day rental.
  • Also available: helmets, locks, pick up & delivery, maps

Call ahead to reserve your bike rentals! 970-245-7939

Road/Gravel Grinders  $90/day $80/half-day $70/multi day”

Full Suspension Mtn Bike-$100/day $90/half-day $80/multi day

Hybrid/Comfort Bikes $60/day $50/half-day $45/multi day

TanCumbent $70/day $60/half-day $30/hour $50/multi day 

KidzTandem $70/day $60/half-day $50/multi day $30/hour – Infant Seats available at no charge!

Adult Tandems $70/day $60/half-day, $50/multi day


24″ Youth Mountain Bike $60/day, $50/half day, $45/multi day