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Baseball Cycle Jersey
In the 1890s, after completing a 100 mile ride to Glenwood Springs from Grand Junction, the cyclists would watch the end of the Basalt/Glenwood Wheel Race, take a dip in the pool, take some classes on first aid, and participate in a baseball game against Glenwood Springs.  Since the umpires were all Glenwood Springs locals, the results were never in GJ’s favor.  The bike logo was drawn by and is a tribute to Mike Rust of Salida, CO who was murdered in 2009.  (Ref Movie: Rider And The Wolf).  No pockets. Don’t forget to wear your ‘cycleball jersey’ on your next epic ride to Glenwood when we wax those cheaters for old time sake.
Price- $39.99
Men’s Sizes- M, Lg
Ladies Sizes- S, M, Lg










Goat Head Classic Jersey
Grand Junction is famous for it’s goat-head-thorns that always seem to find a way into the local’s bicycle tires.  The famous tire spikes are urban weed that like to grow near water.  We rarely see them on the local mtn bike trails but they are plentiful on the bike paths and local streets and parks.  For some, finishing a ride without a flat tire can be victory enough.  Brown Cycles has a few tricks for preventing what we call, ‘the wait’.  To prevent the spread of the jerseys, ask us about our No Flat Guarantee.
No Pockets
Price- $49.99
Men’s Sizes- M, Lg, XL
Ladies Sizes-  M, Lg


Downtown GJ Jersey
Inspired by the GJ Downtown Bike Festivals of 2001-2005 the downtown GJ jersey reflects all the bike events that happened that day and the amazing geography and local icons of this small desert town.  Small zip pocket.
Price- $79.99
Men’s Sizes- S,M, Lg, XL, XXL

Faffer T-shirt
A ‘faffer’ is the guy that shows up 15 minutes for a group ride and then spends the next 20 minutes adjusting his brakes and looking for his sun glasses. If you don’t know somebody that does this, you might be him.
Price- $24.99
Men’s Sizes- M, Lg, XL
Ladies Sizes-  S, M

Bears T-Shirt
There are bears out there in them hills around Grand Junction.  The topic usually comes up at the beginning of the ride making a questionable activity more questionable.  I’m pretty sure it won’t be an issue.  Enjoy your ride.
Price- $24.99
Men’s Sizes- S, M, Lg, XL

Brown Cycles T-Shirt
Brown Cycles was opened in 2000 with one idea in mind.  Inspire People To Ride. So, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary with a shirt that says 20 on it. Ya, we’re pretty with it..
Price- $24.99
Men’s Sizes- M, Lg, XL
Ladies Sizes-  S, M









Brown Trucker Hat
The brown trucker hat is a brown trucker hat. The classic styling will always bring compliments at midnight in your favorite end-of-the-line roadside diner. Just make sure you don’t take rides from Large Marge in a rig called Phantom 309.
One Size Fits All
Price: $24.99
Size: One Size Fits All
Color: Brown








Copmoba Hat
Copmoba is our local trail building group. Proceeds from these sales benefit local trail building.
Price: $24.99
Size: One Size Fits All
Colors: Red, Brown, Blue









88.1 FM is Grand Junction’s local community radio station. Catch Bicycle Radio on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 12 noon Or streaming live on the web.
Price: $16.99
Color: Blue
Size: One Size Fits All

Brown Cycles Socks
Price: $12.99
Color: Orange
Size: M, LG, XL







Cowboy Mug
40 miles up the road is Parachute, Colorado.  This is the location of America’s last great train robbery. In 1903, Kid Curry, a reckless member of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch gang, put too much dynamite under the safe after hi-jacking the train and blew the safe and the box car to pieces. (Ref Movie: opening scene Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969). He was chased down and shot on the Grand Mesa by a posse from Grand Junction lead by a Grand Junction Sheriff that had won many bicycle races in Denver and Grand Junction. While pedaling 100 miles to Meeker one day, and contemplating that story on the lonely Western Colorado highways: the scorching sun, the exposure to the elements, the lack of water and food, my sore legs and soggy bottom – it came to mind that a man on a bicycle is nothing more than a modern day cowboy. Yeeha!!
Price: $22.99
Size: 12 oz






Enjoy The Ride Mug
Enjoy the ride. What else do you want me to say.
Price: $22.99
Size: 12 oz


To Die A Little Mug
The French have always been a little extreme about everything. We hope that this mug represents the national calling to cycling.
Price: $22.99
Size: 22 oz



Gunny Loop Mug
The Gunny Loop is one of the local’s favorite mtn bike trails. It has been around in various conditions and forms for 30 years. The fast rolling single track brings to mind a quote from Steve Gravenites.  Steve “Gravy” is an expert wheel builder in Fairfax, California whose mother sewed costumes for Janis Joplin and who’s father was the blues legend and inspiration for the Blues Brothers . Steve grew up in a flat above the Greatful Dead. One my favorite quotes from him in reference to Mt. Tamalpais, the birthplace of mountain biking was, “Your gonna be mobbed with smoking, flaming, burning wheels of fire!” Ya, that’s the Gunny Loop in a nutshell.
Price: $30.99
Size: 22 oz


Lunch Loop Mug
The Lunch Loop Trail system is the portal to the Tabequache Trail, with over 40 miles of world class mountain bike trails, and 15 minutes from downtown by bike. It was named this in the 1980s because bike mechanics could get in a 30 minute ride during their lunch hour.
Price: $30.99
Size: 22 oz


Monument Mug
The Colorado National Monument was an iconic stage of the Coors Classic bicycle race in the late 1980s.  Nick named The Tour Of The Moon by the riders, the 40 mile round trip from Brown Cycles shop, and 2000’ of climbing, make it a ‘must-ride’ anytime you are in town.  While you are up there, breath in the same air that Bernard Hinault, Greg Lemond, Davis Phiney, Andy Hampsten, Lon Haldeman, and Eddy Merckx used to power their climbs to global championships.
Price: $30.99
Size: 22 oz


It was a Time….. Mug
Inspired by a platter hanging on a wall in a McDonald’s in Austin, TX, this adaptation from the quote by Maya Angelou will set straight the purpose of any cycling experience. It is the vision.


Actual Mug Text:
It was a time of such Cycling Splendor, Charming People, Good Roads, Laughter
and Brave Ideas… enough to entertain us for years.
Price: $30.99
Size: 22 oz

Iconic Shop Water Bottles
Our water bottle comes with a built-in reminder of how extreme our desert conditions can be. We are not kidding around. Yes, you can die out there.
Prices: $12.99, $14.99, $17.99
Sizes: 21 oz, 24 oz, 25 oz Insulated
Cap Color: Red, Blue, Black

Kidz Tandem Tea Cup
Double insulted Stainless Steel Tea Cup complete with a Kidz Tandem Head Badge. These cups are sold as the standard tea cup in Taiwan hardware stores. Their nifty size and style is a perfect accessory to enhance the pure-geniusness of our house brand Kidz Tandem bicycle, The Kidz Tandem logo was developed from the Chinese character for “unity”. It’s like the Kidz Tandem was made for it.
Price: $9.99
10 oz

Brown Cycles Sticker
Price $1.25
Size: 2” x 3”

Pedal Removal Sticker
Created for your personal bike guru’s tool box.
He’ll never miss a turn as long as he has these cliff notes.
Price $1.99
Size: 3” x 4.5”

WTF Clifton Sticker
Inspired by the township of Fruita, CO. It turns out that you can assign
WTF to durn’ pretty much anything.
Price $1.99
Size: 3” x 4.5”

LMAO Sticker
Loma, Colorado is the trail head for the Kokopelli Trail. Why shouldn’t it have a swear sticker?
Price $1.99
Size: 3” x 4.5”

BFD Sticker
Inspired by the township of Fruita, CO. Every community has a swearing sticker that you can put on your car. 
Price $1.99
Size: 3” x 4.5”

Kokopelli Cave This Clock Rocks
Constructed of real Colorado sandstone, never miss an opportunity to defend yourself from a beat down or an important meeting.
Price: $36.99
Color: Dirty Dirt Brown

Cycle Wall Silhouettes
Liven up your room decor with these cold matt black flat metal bicycle silhouettes. The spirit of cycling is transmitted subconsciously to all that gaze upon.
Price: $39.99 each or $350.00 (10 pcs set)
Size: Approx 17” x 17”
Color: Black One Side/Brushed Silver Other Side

Work Board Tool Shadows
Tired of your kids and employees staring at the tool board for days trying to find out where to hang your tools back up? Ease their struggle for good with tool shadows.
Prices: Bicycle Tool Set $200.00 each

Standard Hardware Tool Set $200.00 each.
Both Sets $360.00
Size: Vinyl Tools decals are actual tool size.
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green















Brown Cycles Bicycle Repair Jumpers
Just like grand-dad used to have. Soiling your wears will never be a problem again!
Prices: $24.99